The world’s first 3D BIM model-approved building permit In Järvenpää?

May 27, 2021 at 15:00 Järvenpää building supervision approved Building permit IFC-BIM for a building in Lepola, Järvenpää with a model!

Talo lauronen
Talo Lauronen designed by architect Roope Syvälahti.

The cityscape examination of the building and its location in the environment was done in Järvenpää’s Kunta3d service. The compliance review was conducted in the Solibri program. The permit itself was processed in the service.
When the permit was approved, the discussion was caused by the 5-30 cm height difference on the southern edge of the plot to the adjacent road surface. The matter was discussed at a remote meeting, which also involved a municipal engineering designer.
The Järvenpää City Planning Department had modeled the “plan versions” of all the buildings in the area as 3D geometry in OBJ format. The municipal road planner submitted the road plan for the area as 3D LandXML material at the correct height. The traditional 2D drawing and 2D intent plan were also placed on a 3d terrain surface from which one could view the height differences clearly.

The construction project itself was designed by architect Roope Syvälahti, and the building project was started by the Lauronen family. Further information on the building permit issued with the BIM model can be obtained from Järvenpää’s leading building inspector, Jouni Vastamäki.

Link to the project.