Sova3D – Extension turns digital 2D building permission process into 3D !

Sova3D started it’s core development 2015 with the idea to turn 2D digital building process into 3D. In Finland especially, building permission process has already carried out digitally, i.e., with 2D PDF drawings. We noticed that almost all the designers are already working with 3D BIM tools like Archicad or Revit or similar, which all are able to export into OpenBIM (IFC) format.

Same time, City Models has been started to developed from laser scanned point clouds and beyond, serving a perfect background for designers and city authorities to evaluate the up-coming designs in 3D. In city models the special problem has been to up-date the models constantly while the city is under constant change.

City of Hyvinkää, Finland

This is what Sova3D combines; electronic building process, BIM models as a part of the city models.

Video how Sova3D has been used at City of Hyvinkää, Finland.