S3D-Projects is a project managers tool, who’s need is to edit the project. Basically the “Project” can be a small family-house BIM model or a large scale City Plan with several hundreds of buildings on it.

With S3D-Projects editor will up-load and set models on their correct geo-location, add needed views, animations, possibly 360 pictures, point clouds or anything what is needed to create a easy & informative experience for the user of the project data.

2D map info with cadastral boundaries can be changed easily

When Editor need to have another opinion or some decisions to be made by client, they can collaborate with integrated chat-VoiP P2P- system

Chat can be used for collaboration
Chat can be used for collaboration

Project Management tools might look overwhelming in the beginning, but any experienced designer can get familiar with the system in no time. In case there are any help needed, Sova3D support is ready to help.

Project Dialog is rich of features