S3D-Maps is a base for all Sova3D applications.  S3D-Maps combines the data from the data sources from the Internet. The party who owns the data also maintains it. By following this concept, users can be sure the data is the latest available.

Sova3D Concept
Sova3D Concept; Click the image to see it in full scale
  1. Cloud
  2. Needs of various users
  3. Data production by the city or designers
  4. Data is stored on the edge of the cloud
  5. Data is read from the original source and combined as a 3D Map
  6. Utilization layer combines people with the needs and delivered information
  7. Sova3D extension for electronic building permission process
  8. City Plans publishing and commenting
  9. Architectural competitions
  10. S3D-Projects for construction project management
  11. Third party applications.