S3D-Projects work now Better with IFC Files

IFC files (Open BIM) is the common format to share building models. That is preferred especially with public use, like in Building Permission Process. With Sova3d extension and S3d-Projects IFC files have been able to share from early on. However, now we have make that even better with IFC tree view. That makes it possible to point any IFC component on the view and see it’s meta data and vice versa.

IFC tree view of the Building

Sova3D is speeding up Development & Sales

Sova3d Oy, a leading Finnish start-up combining 3D BIM information with 3D City Information.

Sova3D – Lupapiste.fi laajennus

Currently we are speeding up the sales & development, not to mention marketing too. Our first application, which utilizes S3d-Maps-platform is called Sova3d-extension for Lupapiste.fi eBuilding Permission service developed originally for Finnish electronic building permission needs.