Sova3D Oy
Studio of Virtual Architecture Sova3D Oy has been founded 2015 with over  20 years experience of 3D systems and software development. We work together with other companies specializing on BIM & City Modeling. At the end of 2018 Sova3D got new partners for the company.
Sova3D Oy Partners: 
Petri Kokko, CEO, Partner (M.Sc. Arch) Safa
Matti Hakkarainen, Partner (MBA, Econ.)
Antti Vähätalo, Partner (M.Sc. Tech),
Esa Haapa-aho, Partner (M.Sc. Tech)
Terrasolid Ltd.
Rapatus Ltd.
Melodeke Ltd.
Sova3D Oy part of the development team: 
William Linna, (B.Sc. Tech)
Mateusz Prager, (M.Sc.Tech)
Terrasolid Oy (Pointcloud data software)
Evolta Oy ( Lupapiste.fi)
Farmimalli Oy ( Our long time partner with farming projects)
Our way of working: 
We work on projects together with others and we are looking for the best possible solution for our clients needs based on S3D-technologies. We work highly cost effective without big organizations basic costs, without forgetting creativity and innovation when creating a solution.

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