S3D-Projects work now Better with IFC Files

IFC files (Open BIM) is the common format to share building models. That is preferred especially with public use, like in Building Permission Process. With Sova3d extension and S3d-Projects IFC files have been able to share from early on. However, now we have make that even better with IFC tree view. That makes it possible to point any IFC component on the view and see it’s meta data and vice versa.

IFC tree view of the Building

Better Pointclouds

Sova3D development team enhances the S3D-Maps constantly. Point clouds, which can be produced either photo-grammatical way or with laser scanners can be shown accurately at S3D-Maps now. It was possible earlier, but now the quality meets higher standards. All works nicely on simple web browser environment and user can do needed measurements directly on the point cloud points.


City Hall of Porvoo


Sova3D features Develope

Development & Bug fixing

Sometimes it’s amazing to see how asked features are emerging on the software. Thanks to our magicians Antti, William and Mateusz.  Speed is one important issue. Team did solve several problems with the firewalls with specified clients with very tight settings. That is something others don’t notice, but those who did suffer from that problem.

New Features

Another asked feature has been a virtual excavator. Idea there is to make a “hole” on the area where designer is planning to design the new construction.
Now, when designer create a “planned” surface for the plot, existing ground surface is not on the way.