Sova3D Point Cloud Publisher is a Windows PC compatible software. It can effortlessly convert all LAZ and LAS point clouds to be used together with Terrasolid software and Sova3D services.

PointCloudPublisher is an application to optimize pointclouds and publish them on the S3D-Projects to be shared with all stakeholders.

1. Create an account and log in (personal/business) to the S3D-Maps.
2. Load the PointCloudPublisher application on your PC and install it.
(In case you have firewall, you might need to add it on the list of accepted applications, since it will connect to the Sova3D project server).
3. Open PointCloudPubliser application on your own PC and select the PointCloud you want to publish (LAS/LAZ-format).
4. Adjust the settings for the pointclouds and optimize the publishable pointcloud
5. After optimazation copy-paste a ”token” from the S3dmaps-project site
6. Up-load optimized pointcloud binaries on the S3D-maps-service under the wanted organization (or your private account).
– Application will evaluate the binary data size and asses the max size available for the account.
– Trial versio: max 50 Mb
– Business: max 1Gb/project, 10-projects
– Pro: max 10Gb/project, 100-projects
7. After up-loading the data, set who can see the data:
– In Trial version only Public-possible (everybody can see)
– In Business and Pro-versions you are able to invite viewers to see and editors to further work on the project.
8. You can send the link from project to see it
– All other available project tools (not only pointclouds) are available for your use (like importing BIM data, set views-animations- photos, 360-photos and many others.